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Why work with Roswell Asset Advisors?
Your plan advisor is a critical connection to your plan's success and to ensure employee engagement.  We have the ability to offer your company a complete 401(k) program that will include a full range of services such as low cost investments, record keeping and plan administration.
Why as an Employer is it critical to get 401(k) right?
Employers have the power to dramatically increase employee engagement and financial wellness.  Changes to retirement plan design, establishing a financial wellness program with education and giving access to support from financial professionals can encourage employees to take a more active role in managing their finances.  More importantly, it can help employers establish a culture of financial wellness that can help reduce employee stress and help put their employees on a path towards retirement success.
Participant Education
According to recent studies, at least 40% of employees would like their employer to:
  1. Bring financial professionals to provide general education
  2. Provide education tailored to their age and finances
  3. Provide access to a financial professional to create a personalized financial strategy
86% of employees surveyed would participate in a financial education program provided by their employer.
50% would assume a more active role in their finances if they has an annual or regularly scheduled financial review
49% would assume a more active role if they had a personalized financial strategy
Who is your Fiduciary?
Partner with us as your plan Fiduciary
3(21): Recommending investments, suggesting replacements and advising the plan sponsor on following the fiduciary process.  
3(38): Appointed by a plan sponsor to manage the entire investment process of the retirement plan.
*Only an RIA, a bank or insurance company qualify to accept this appointment.

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